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Kenneth Appelbaum

Meet Kenneth Appelbaum, a seasoned photographer with 5 decades of experience creating all types of photographic art. He started with film and still has all his proof sheets from the darkroom and negatives. He has taken well over 1 million images and counting. He archives his client’s images In 3 different forms of storage to ensure that if they ever need any of them in the future he has them available. He has been and stays committed to excellence and professionalism.

“My whole approach to photography is driven by bringing out the beauty whether I am photographing someone for a headshot, someone’s pet, home, resort, or event. One of my specialties is going on location and creating corporate headshots that are as nice as if they came to my studio. Nothing better than a thrilled customer.”

Meet Kenneth Appelbaum, a seasoned photographer whose lens captures the beauty, emotion, and essence of life’s diverse tapestry. Kenneth’s journey began over five decades ago, and his commitment to street photography reflects a rare purity of thinking about the role of photography in social discourse.

“My whole approach to photography is driven by a purity of thinking about the function of photography in life that is really quite rare today. Photography is first, last, and always about the capture of someone’s view of the world.” – Kenneth Appelbaum

Street Photography shot with Love

At Kenneth Appelbaum Photography Inc, we’re not just capturing images; we’re crafting visual narratives. Kenneth’s unique approach spans the spectrum from the horrid to the beautiful, the soft to the hard, the ridiculous to the sacred. Each photograph tells a story, a moment frozen in time, conveying emotions and messages that transcend the visual.

From Our Lens to Your Walls

Kenneth’s works are proudly displayed on walls across the globe, symbolizing a universal connection to the art of storytelling through imagery. Whether in homes, offices, or public spaces, our photography resonates with a global community that appreciates the power of visual expression.

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