If asked to describe his work Kenneth will most often use the phrase “street photographer”. What he means by this is that he is constantly striving to document ordinary life from the extraordinary to the mundane, expressing himself, his feelings, and his thoughts about the world through his photographic art medium. He loves to create images of things that interest him. His range extends from horrid to beautiful from soft to hard from ridiculous to sacred.

His goal as a photographer is to make a difference in the world by portraying inspiring messages. A great source of pride and satisfaction is to have people love his prints enough to display them on their walls. In fact, his works of family, people, fine art, commercial, etc., are being displayed on walls of homes, and offices, all over the world.

“Kenneth’s whole approach to photography is driven by a purity of thinking about the function of photography in social discourse that is really quite rare today where we seem to be caught up with changing photography in the computer. His approach reminds me more of the devoted photographers of the last century who understood, so much better than we do today, that photography is first, last and always, about the capture of someones view of the world”.

Joseph Meehan: world-class photographer, editor of Photography Yearbook, senior editor of Photo District News (PDN) and author of 15 books on photography.